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Amare Wedding Planner & Bridal Services Singapore is a one-stop wedding services portal where you can find all services from wedding planner, coordinator, wedding photography to bridal wedding gowns and dresses rental. With partnerships across various bridal boutiques, Amare wedding Singapore can easily find and satisfy your differing wedding needs.

Our Beliefs

A wedding celebration can take on many styles – from an intimate solemnisation with only your loved ones to an extravagant dream ceremony that leaves an impression on all your guests. To us, every love story is beautiful and with this in mind, we give our heart and soul to ensure that every couple start their journey of bliss on the right foot – minimal stress on their wedding planning journey and maximum enjoyment on their wedding day.

As a full-service wedding planner, we seek to provide a one-stop solution for couples to plan their perfect wedding. From creating captivating wedding themes, managing your wedding budget to full-coordination services with all your vendors and service providers, leave the background work to our certified wedding specialists while you indulge in your celebration of love. Armed with many years of wedding planning experience, you can be assured of the quality service we provide and our capability to cater to a wide range of clients and personalised requests.

To put it simply, our three main objectives are to help every couple 1) turn their dream wedding into reality, 2) enjoy their wedding to the fullest with minimal stress and to help them 3) save time and money in the wedding planning process.

What We Do

As a one-stop wedding services portal, Amare wedding does not stop at wedding planning. We provide a wide range of wedding services including wedding planning services, wedding day coordination services as well as solemnisation package to cater to every clients’ unique requirements.

Being in the wedding business for many years, we also work with several trusted vendors providing complementary bridal services, such as bridal studios, gown rentals and wedding photography. Our partners are carefully selected and reviewed to ensure a high quality service; and engaging them through us will guarantee you special discount rates that you’d not see anywhere else!

Why Choose Amare?

  • Many years of wedding planning experience with testimonials from satisfied couples.
  • Providing professional advice for couples with regards to wedding procedures and customs, budgeting and actual day co-ordination.
  • Every wedding is unique and we work personally with each couple to bring out their personality through their wedding. Looking into the finest details with a personal touch will ensure you have an unforgettable start to wedded bliss.


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Amare Wedding Planner & Bridal Services
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Amare Wedding Planner & Bridal Services
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Amare Wedding Planner & Bridal Services

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Amare Wedding Planner & Bridal Services provides following services:

– Full Wedding Planning Services
– Personalised Wedding Package
– Wedding Coordination Package
– Wedding Solemnisation Package
– Bridal Packages
– Wedding Gown/Evening Gown Rental
– Wedding Dress/Bridesmaid Dress Rental
– Pre-Wedding Photoshoot (Local and Overseas)
– Actual Day Wedding Photography
– Wedding Videography

Why Hire Our Wedding Planner

Benefit from great perks, discounts on banquets & hotels through our wedding planners’ wide connections in Singapore

Work with a team of experienced planners who have organised and created countless number of dream weddings.

Stay within your budget with our planner’s budgeting service

Break even on your banquet cost with our wedding planners’ banquet arrangement planning

Customise and design your own unique wedding theme with the help of our creative wedding planners

Rest easy and knowing that someone reliable will plan every detail of your wedding day for you

Package Prices Starts Frm $2,000SGD