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About Angel Chua
Angel Chua_02 First Deaf Makeup Artist Singaporean, Angel Chua Full-time Freelance who worked for a long 11 years experienced in the cosmetics industry, magazines and brides customers. Founder of Angel Chua The Art of Makeup & Hairdo is bringing her extensive career experience to you, the bride. Having offered her services, she have developed a consistent approach to meet the various requirements and demands of having the best look for a bride. Weddings are important event and bring unique memories. She is more than happy to furnish their testimonials and photos anytime! She love doing the job so much is PASSION! Won’t regret it!

Angel had a diploma in advanced bridal makeup and hairstyling from Cosmoprof school in Singapore. She sought a career as a makeup artist. She is passionate about her job and will bring out the best in you for any occasions. Besides focusing on wedding makeup, she have also been involved in providing makeup and hair styling for mother & sisters & bridesmaids, company dinner & dance, magazines, solemnization ROM, singapore & overseas pre-wedding photoshoot assignments.

17th april 2016, Special day she felt little nervous because never join makeup artists competition before. She is one of the very happiest days of her life. Thanks to judges selected her for 1st runner up of best makeup artiste award, She finally got to touch silver trophy and certificates, she feel sudden shed tears and deserved herself. She will work harder for next new customers assignments. ?Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.

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International and local leading cosmetic companies including Lancome, Bobbi Brown, other expensive cosmetic brands. Have also engaged her services in working with their superb range of makeup products. She learnt so great for cosmetic make-up artist who want to learn more about different techniques working with based make up. WHEN MAKE-UP BECOMES AN ART!

She loves photos when young, her family sick of her many photos ablums that she paid off. She learned photography basics in beginner’s photography workshop that she was understanding photography techniques. She provided her photography for solemnization, birthday packages and also renting all short gowns and blazers.

She lost her hearing ability due to high fever when she was born. She is deaf and knew its given by god. She don’t blame at all. She was inspired by the youtube short videoclip :
– “If i can do it, then you can too. When you see me talking, i’m not doing it to brag, but to tell you that when you see that i can do all these things, it means you can too!” Nobody can look down on deaf people as they can do like you EXCEPT Hear and Talk.

Greatly appreciate that you take your time to communicate with Angel by writing on paper in English when meeting in person. Hope you patient with her as you know she is hearing disabled.

She always strive to work hard to provide best quality service for you! Her all photos featured are her own make-up and design hairdo work. Her experienced makeup services shall make you look so MAGIC BEAUTIFUL!

She accepted sponsor makeup & hair to actresses, actors and models. Kindly text whatsapp or email her more details.

She hope you enjoy browsing this website and look forward to be of service to you. Cheers!




ANGEL CHUA – Singapore Deaf Makeup Artist & Hair styling
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ANGEL CHUA – Singapore Deaf Makeup Artist & Hair styling
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ANGEL CHUA – Singapore Deaf Makeup Artist & Hair styling

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Services that Angel Chua Provides Makeup Hairdo :

  • Brides Actual Day Wedding & Solemnization
  • Bridesmaids, Sisters and Mothers
  • Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot for Overseas & Local
  • ArtBrush
  • Hens Night Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Fashion Show
  • Special Effect faces
  • Dinner and Dance
  • Magazines / TV / Online
  • Tattoo Covering
  • Personal Makeup Workshop (1 – 8 pax to start class)
  • Bridal Makeup Lesson (1 pax to start class)
  • Bridal Hair Lesson (1 pax to start class)

Services that Angel Chua Provides Accessories :

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Hairs
  • Mask
  • Veil

Services that Angel Chua Provides Others :

  • Photography for Solemnization and birthday packages
  • Renting Short Gowns & Blazers
  • Renting Crystal Bouquet