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Professional Magician Emcee Host in Singapore

Looking for a different approach to entertain your guests or children during corporate functions or parties, let us do the job for you. Our experience Magician Emcee will not only pull up a trick or two, but also heat up the event with some of the interactive creative Cartoon Balloon with the audiences.

Derrick received much exposure from being able to travel widely around the world to perform and improve his magic skills by meeting magicians around the world, such as from South Africa, Australia, London, Los Angeles (Hollywood), Japan and New Zealand.

Fluent in English, Mandarin and Japanese, Derrick has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his dexterous magic skills. Derrick has had extensive experience in emceeing for events.

Derrick possesses a natural ability to interact and entertain a wide spectrum of audiences using his swift and agile magic skills while putting them at ease, and is not just popular with children but also comfortable in more formal corporate settings.





Cream of Maestro
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My Services


Children’s Magic Event

A child’s special day should be packed with lots of fun, excitement and, of course, a shower of magic spectacle. With the Cream of Maestro’s Children Magic Event Packages, young guests will never run out of reasons to smile with delight all throughout your kid’s birthday party. We assure you that the surprises and activities we have in store for your energetic young ones will definitely be a big hit!

Corporate Magic Event

Believe it or not, magic shows are a sensation when it comes to corporate events. Whether it is for a big corporate launching event, business meetings, trade shows or just an intimate gathering of company employee’s, Singapore Magician Maestro Derrick will amaze, entice and certainly charm you and each and every guest in your corporate event with his intricate and mind-boggling magic skills. So, do you want to make your corporate program standout from the rest? Invite magic into your event!


Professional Emcee

Hosting an event, whether it is a corporate function or a children’s birthday party, requires a balance of formal sophistication and engaging energy. Singapore Emcee Derrick Lee’s versatility will enliven any event with his charming personality, sense of humor and youthful spunk. He makes sure that your guests are constantly glued to every single moment of the program and come out enjoying every moment of it.

Wedding Emcee

A dream wedding day is never complete without a perfectly-executed wedding reception. Getting the services of the right emcee for a couple’s special day is crucial to make sure that your reception program goes smoothly without glitches. As a wedding emcee, Derrick Lee will ensure that your wedding guests will enjoy and relish your wedding reception, as your everlasting love is highlighted and shines throughout the event.


Love for Kids

Sharing is loving. And what better way to share some love than among children and seeing their beautiful faces light up with some magic. Maestro Derrick has made it his mission to spread the word of love and the message of God by actively involving himself in religious and children’s community events. If you share the same compassion for children and love of God as with Maestro Derrick, he would be glad to work closely with you.

Children’s Events

Extravagant magic, colorful entertainment, lively energy, unending fun and amusement – all these are the ingredients for a superb and enjoyable children’s events. Cream of Maestro has got it all covered, from sweet treats, balloons, face painting and a spectacular magic show. More than enough to satisfy any child’s craving for a fun treat. Our serving of happiness is perfect for parents, groups, organizations and companies looking to find ways to share the joy of magic to children.