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In the beginning of 2015, Jonah and Justin pondered about how most consumers looked at businesses only to question themselves about how much profits these organisations earned from them.

Being individuals who had the eye for beauty and novelty items, the two could not help but notice that most consumers found flowers overpriced and most people felt that showing appreciation through a simple bouquet was simply ‘not worth it’.

This finding was saddening and it prompted them to develop great interest in gathering and building a team of avid floral hobbyists. The team was found, and a common goal amongst all was established. This marked the beginning of a dream – Floral Garage Singapore Pte. Ltd. was formed.

The team at Floral Garage Singapore (FGSG) aims to provide the best to all customers. More importantly, the team at FGSG feels that no individual should be deprived of the chance to purchase a simple bouquet as a token of appreciation for someone special. That being said, FGSG’s catalogue has been priced to cater to people of all budgets and preferences. FGSG also believes that every customer deserves personalised customer service regardless of time and day.


Floral Garage Singapore
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Floral Garage Singapore
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Floral Garage Singapore

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At Floral Garage Singapore, it is our mission to provide you with lovely bouquets made out of the best flowers, bundled with prompt and excellent service.

It is our duty to deliver you only the best hand bouquets, simply because you deserve it. From the selection of the loose flowers, to putting them together, all the way to delivering them to your door step, putting a smile on your face and making your money’s worth has never slipped our minds.

We strongly believe that showing your loved ones how much you appreciate them should not leave a big hole in your pocket.