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ForestFly Pictures was created since 2011. Back in 2004, it was known as Planning Pictures Production. The learning stage of producing simple corporate videos with limited skills on hand. The only way to learn was through library books and practice without going to any filming courses. (Videos produced were not made public. Strictly for internal use only)

During 2005, Planning Pictures Production changed it’s name to Planning Pictures. With more animating effects applied to videos and montages. At this stage, camera angles and simple animated effects were often used as part of the video presentation. Planning Pictures was a success in making an in-house corporate video which took about 6 months to complete.

Thereafter in 2007, Short Film Production was taken over. Producing alot of picture montages and short clips such as tutorials, gamings, collections and etc. Graphic designs were starting to appear in most of the Short Film Production videos and were uploaded to for sharing. This was the stage when the use of graphic design and multimedia skills were combined to create entertainment videos and animated montages.

At 2011, ForestFly Pictures was found right after Short Film Production and had decided to use this name as an identity for all montages and videos as well as graphic designing. The first 3D montage by ForestFly Pictures & Short Film Production was made. The meaning of 3D montage was to present photos in 3D form, so that they look live. Here the first 3D photo presentation created “myMontage 2012”

Soon after, 3D wedding montages were made for actual day weddings. Each montage has its unique 3D photo presentation show casing the life they were in during childhood till they are together. Thanks to knowledge of graphic skills to make 3D wedding montage possible. Till then ForestFly Pictures will keep improving on the quality and ideas for the montage and video for the near future.

2013, ForestFly Pictures has launched HD720 wide screen video resolution so that montages and videos can be played clearly on Smart TVs, high definition projector screens and compatible with all mobile devices, tablets and etc. ForestFly Pictures not only creates montages and videos but also has the ability to do all graphic designing. Please feel free to glance through the presentation ForestFly Pictures has created, under “Graphic and Montage” page.


ForestFly Pictures
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ForestFly Pictures
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ForestFly Pictures

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ForestFly Pictures provides services in following categories:
– Montages and interactive videos,
– social website design,
– social media setup including SEO,
– monogram,
– logo,
– packaging,
– graphic media (all media prints).