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Established in early 2007, Gem By Gems has been providing customers the freedom of customizing their celebration rings. This unique & personalized service is run by Mr. Tanweer Hussain.

Using genuine diamonds and gemstones set in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Black Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver, our jewelleries are handcrafted by the most skilled craftsman who has been in this industry for more than 25 yrs.

When it comes to customized jewellery, many would think that it would be costly. However with Gem By Gems, our dedicated personalized service means that you can actually sit down with us and work out a reasonable budget to get your dream ring. A service no other retail outlets or jewelers provide. There is no limit to the many possibilities of the design of our jewelleries.

Why you should customise your Jewellery from Gem By Gems?

At Gem By Gems, our unique way of doing business means you get the best value on quality loose diamonds and gemstones, without having to sacrifice personalized service, you are sure to find the perfect diamond or gemstone for any budget and taste.

We’re business registered!

Higher accountability means complete peace of mind. This means you can rest easy knowing that you are buying from an organization that offers the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Get the diamond and the design you want, not on display case.

Most jewellery stores keeps a few dozen loose diamonds in inventory, most of which have already been set in a piece of jewellery. At Gem By Gems, with such a huge selection of unset diamonds and gemstones to choose from, we can offer you a design tailored to your exact needs and preferences. This means we have no reason to try to up sell you or limit your choices.

Why pay more for the same diamond/ gemstone & jewellery?

How we can offer the exact same diamond/ gemstone that offers for so much less? It’s simple – we don’t mark up our prices as much as others. Buying a diamond doesn’t have to be hard.

Mr. Hussain, the Founder of Gem By Gems, is a highly trained & experienced diamond and gemstone expert and will be able to breakdown the meaning of each characteristics for you and help you prioritize them to come up with the perfect diamond formula. Once you have decided what you are looking for, we will get to work sourcing it and getting it at the lowest price possible.

Guaranteed Satisfaction – we know you’ll love it and you can take our word for it!

Yes, we strongly advise you to make an appointment with us so that you have a better understanding of your purchase and how we run our services too! We have the required jewellery tools & catalogues with a wide range of variety and designs to choose from.


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