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Relive the lavishness and vibrancy of 1940’s Shanghai in cosmopolitan Singapore.

At Grand Shanghai, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel’s hottest unique dining concept, guests can enjoy the varied yet authentic cuisine and gourmet delights characteristic of this extravagantly swanky period in Chinese history.

Come for the good food and stay for the enchanting music, the warm company, and the authentic Shanghainese experience.


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    390 Havelock Road King’s Centre, Level 1 Singapore 169662
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    Chinese Restaurant Wedding Venue
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Grand Shanghai
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Grand Shanghai
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Grand Shanghai

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Grand Shanghai

Our Main Floor—Where Magic Happens

The hardwood and glass doors open to a spacious room with a high ceiling adorned with pristine chandeliers that project a warm glow into the evening air. The décor is Sino-European, reminiscent of Shanghai in the 1930s: small antique lamps with flowery accents stand atop redwood booths. The sounds of chatter, the clink of wine glasses, and the serenade of a performer’s honeyed voice fill the restaurant that seats 250 people.

Our Stage—Where Music Soothes

Gracing a modest stage, decorated with the backdrop of Paris of the East, is a humble band that croons soothing Chinese tunes from decades past. A double bassist, a pianist, and a saxophonist all back a seasoned vocalist, bringing memorable Chinese classical melodies from yesteryears to the patrons. Together, they create waves of nostalgia with evergreens like “The Moon Represents my Heart” and “Night of Shanghai”, drawing emotions to memories of past eras: a simpler time full of life and vibrancy.

Our Booth Seats—Where Conversations
Flower a Circular and communal booths are parked in front of the stage. With a seating capacity of three to five persons each, lively chatter stems from patrons seated side by side with people who matter. There’s never a dull moment to be had here as our royally delicious food and quality conversation from your esteemed company will always remain within reach of everyone around.

Our Private Rooms—Where Relations Flourish

A meeting of family and friends can be an intimate affair. Here, families celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and welcome new additions to the fold.  Private moments, isolated from the chatter of the full-housed restaurant, fuel a social climate that thrives independently, driven with great Shanghainese cuisine.

Our Bar—Where Drinks Flow

To the side, a marble-top bar serves a fine selection of red, white, and Chinese wines.  Here, a pairing of good wines with your favorite Shanghainese snacks will make a mundane evening wonderful.

Dining at Grand Shanghai is like coming home to your favourite dishes and being embraced by the company you love.

Our flavours are traditional, and the experiences we create, unforgettable. Welcome to Grand Shanghai Restaurant.