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At Gustos, we love to bring cheers to every occasion that calls for a heartfelt celebration. Our professional team of inspired Chefs specializes in culinary and fusion cuisine to suit every mood and theme. It’s our unbending belief that good tasting food plays a crucial role in contributing to the success of any event. As Halal certified catering professionals, we do not compromise our sense of style to do just what is acceptable.

Our pleasure derives from first discussing with our client the conceptualisation of creative ideas and then working closely with reliable vendors to develop a memorable event. It is our aim to delight customers with a seamless catering experience, offering a suite of events related services such as venue decoration, flora arrangement, equipment rental, sourcing of door gifts and menu planning. As food connoisseur with a sophisticated flair, we love to go beyond the traditional and norm to make every event tasteful. It is our mission to create stylish events with elegant buffet setup and we take pride in dishing out scrumptious, gourmet food that leaves a lasting impression. With our extensive network, resources and experience in catered events, no job too big or too small would seem a daunting task to us.

If you are yearning for something extraordinary or having special requirements for your coming event, feel free to talk to us today. Our catering consultants would be most glad to customise to your needs and propose suitable recommendations for your event. Rest assured that at the end of the day, you will be deeply impressed by our attention to details and your guests, pleasantly surprised by our creativity and inspiration. Trust us to make event catering a fine art. We have a way of adding panache and life to your celebration.


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Gustos Catering Service
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Gustos Catering Service
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Gustos Catering Service

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At Gustos, we understand how much care must be taken to make your wedding day perfect in every way possible, down to the last detail. And that goes for the food that your guests will be enjoying at your wedding dinner, even while they’re toasting to the health of you and your newlywed spouse. That is why we have committed ourselves to being one of the best wedding caterers you can hope to hire in Singapore. To that effect, we use only the freshest ingredients to prepare and deliver some of the most delectable food for the enjoyment of your guests, and serve our fare with friendly and obliging services that will make your wedding party an event to remember fondly.

Our Exclusive Wedding Packages

  • Wedding Western Sit Down Set A S$58.80 (S$62.92 W/GST) per person
  • Wedding Western Sit Down Set B S$88.80 (S$95.07 W/GST) per person
  • Wedding Tea Reception Set A S$19.80 (S$21.19 W/GST) per person
  • Wedding Tea Reception Set B S$26.80 (S$28.68 W/GST) per person
  • Wedding Tea Reception Set C S$33.80 (S$36.17 W/GST) per person
  • Wedding Buffet Reception Set A S$28.80 (S$30.82 W/GST) per person
  • Wedding Buffet Reception Set B S$38.80 (S$41.52 W/GST) per person
  • Wedding Buffet Reception Set C S$48.80 (S$52.22 W/GST) per person