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2002 – 2003 Our Managing Director, Hannah Chong, first discovered her love for weddings and floral arrangements. She started her first wedding projects by assisting in her friends’ wedding decoration.

2004 The humble beginnings of Heaven’s Gift, in a small office at Maxwell House. Hannah was a planner as well as a florist then, she personally handled all the floral arrangements for the weddings she had planned.

2005 A year of “firsts” for Heaven’s Gift! Hannah launched the first of a kind wedding educational workshop in Singapore to inspire couples on the steps of creating a thematic wedding. Together with Amanda Lee Weddings, 39 East Photography, Vivid Shots and Substance Films and Poppy Restaurant, couples were given ideas and advice on how to elegantly create thematic weddings, from the overall concept to intricate details like gown designs, and even to the art of creating the right wedding menu. It was also in 2005 that Hannah decided to differentiate herself from just mere logistics planner to concept planner for her clients.

Heaven’s Gift participated in more wedding shows – Vera Wang Autumn Seasons by The Link with Female Brides Publications, Raffles Romance Weddings with Raffles Hotel.

2007 An exciting year for Heaven’s Gift, as we began to cross borders to create events. Our first destination wedding was planned in the renowned Como Shambhala in Bali. In the same year, we assisted one of our clients in events at Hotel Seiyo Ginza and Ropponggi Hills Club Tokyo.

2008 A breathtaking concept set – “The Cherry Blossom Fantasy” that created a buzz for us.  Hannah wanted to give her couple and guests a glimpse of cherry blossom trees blooming from dawn to night.  She began her search for the perfect cherry blossom trees painting, but found none. Together with our in-house designer, Elena, Hannah decided to re-create her own stage backdrop painting depicting a garden of cherry blossom trees instead. Further expanding the vision, Hannah and Brenda Lee from Fiore Dorato explored many options to perfect the construction. The final transformation of the cherry blossom trees from dawn to night was completed with Hannah’s final directives of the lighting effects. Every stage of the wedding concept was well thought of and deployed. This marked the beginning of us pursuing and customising thematic creatives in all our wedding projects.

2009 Hannah was given an opportunity to join and observe the world premier event planner – Colin Cowie at work in Hong Kong for a week during the launch of the new Mira Hotel – the hotel that Colin has designed and transformed. The experience reinforced some of her past learnings as well as sharpened her further to observe spaces and create designs from a different perspective.

We were also awarded Best Wedding Planners from Tatler – The Best of Singapore 2009.  In the same year, Hannah was nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2009.

2010 Our very first extensive architectural design for an overseas project in Seychelles. The building of 400sqm hanging trellis overlooking the coast, to seat a capacity of 250 guests dining under the stars was an unforgettable experience. Beyond just floral decorations and lightings, we have moved into deploying various materials to create weddings with a refreshing outlook – something that we have always desired. In the same year, we were awarded a second time Best Wedding Planners from Tatler – The Best of Singapore 2010.

In July 2010, we launched our new icon – “The olive tree by the stream” as a further extension of our corporate logo and identity. This new icon was inspired as a reflection of the growth of Heaven’s Gift – how we have journeyed and how we will continue in the upcoming years. It is a symbol of evergreen growth, rooted with steadfast philosophy and principles. We have been blessed with many great couples and inspiring works for the past 7 years, and we believe for more amazing creations moving forward.

2011 The year where we were awarded with many regional projects from Bali, Chennai, to Penang & Jeju. It was a year where we travelled much, and learn of the various cultures across borders to create weddings for society families. This is a glimpse of one of our projects where the venue was transformed extensively for one party.




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Heaven’s Gift provide services like Wedding, party and special events, marriage proposals.

Every wedding has a unique love story to tell. We believe in creating a wedding that truly reflects your very own personality and style. Be bold to share with us your story, and allow us to craft a wedding concept and experience that you can truly call your very own.

From our extensive experiences in detailing a wedding, we definitely possess the expertise and network of vendors to create your dream party. Whether your party is small or elaborate, be inspired to create one of a kind party with our consultants.

Now you can experience what goes on behind the curtains in our “Behind the Scenes” section on our website. See what goes on before the glitter and glam, how we do it and when it all falls into place.



Do strongly consider handing the wedding planning baton to a professional wedding consultant, especially when:

  1. You want to create your dream wedding, and you need professional help to deliver the vision.
  2. You and your fiancé are too busy to manage the entire wedding planning, or do not have the time to look into the many details of your wedding plan.
  3. You are not familiar with the details and processes involved in wedding planning, and need expert advice and recommendation to free you from doing all the research by yourself.
  4. You simply prefer and can afford to hire professional help.

1. We want to know more about your services before we decide to engage a wedding consultant, will there by any charges for the initial consultation?

At Heaven’s Gift, we provide you and your fiancé with a free non-obligatory consultation on your first visit with us. We will help you discover more about your dream wedding, giving you an understanding of the concept behind designing theme weddings, as well as an overview of our services. At the end of your visit, you will be more equipped to go about managing your wedding plans.

2. We will be handling some of the wedding planning ourselves, but we would like to engage Heaven’s Gift for actual day coordination only, is that possible?

The team at Heaven’s Gift prides ourselves on personalizing your wedding. As long as we are given the scope to create your wedding design, and to make your wedding one that is uniquely yours, we will be delighted to be engaged for a selected scope. However, if you only require us to run the actual day event by merely managing the suppliers, without managing any design scopes, we may not be the right wedding planners for you.

3. We have a limited wedding budget, but we wish to engage a wedding consultant. Can Heaven’s Gift work within our constraints and not push us towards a direction that we cannot afford?

Our first goal is always to help you identify your required services and also to structure your wedding budget. Our consultants will then proceed with the deployment of resources within the budget that has been agreed upon. If we cannot work within your price range, we will not take the job, as we will never forsake your budget.

4. Having a good wedding theme is extremely important to us, and our wedding consultant has to be very creative and capable in customizing our dream wedding. Does Heaven’s Gift have the resources to create our dream wedding?

Our consultants are all trained specialists in their respective fields and we possess our own in-house team of designers and architect. As a member of the established Association of Bridal Consultants in United States, we have an extensive suite of wedding ideas and resources to cater to all your needs. As our motto is: Your Story, Our Inspiration; when you share your dreams, we will make them happen!

5. Does Heaven’s Gift have its own florists, photographers, makeup artists and designers, or do you outsource the wedding scope of work to the service providers?

We do have our own team of preferred florists, sound and lighting crew, photographers, makeup artists and bridal designers. Basically, our wedding planners and specialists design the wedding theme concept and subsequently work with our selected partner to deliver the final product according to what we have envisioned (based on your allocated budget). We will directly, manage and deliver the floral and stage design, sound and lighting enhancements, favours or stationery designs. For other non-concept related aspects like photographers, we will closely monitor and manage the vendors involved.

6. Does Heaven’s Gift handle wedding invitations – from designing and wording, to ordering, addressing and mailing? Does Heaven’s Gift also handle our guest list consolidation?

Yes, at Heaven’s Gift, we have our team of designers who can create your wedding invitations in a creative and yet elegant manner, one that exudes class and beauty. We will also facilitate the addressing and mailing on your behalf. At the same time, you can also consider purchasing our other range of wedding stationery from our preferred vendors.

7. My fiancé is a foreigner, and we have different cultures and practices to observe for our wedding. Is Heaven’s Gift equipped to manage mixed cultures marriages, and also to advise us on the various practices to follow?

Our consultants are trained in handling various wedding cultures, be it local or selective wedding practices such as Chinese, Indian, Protestant, Military, or even Jewish weddings. Should we come across specific wedding practices that we are not familiar with, we will be most happy to sit down with you and your fiancé to find out more about his culture. Rest assured that we will also be doing extensive research to ensure that all related practices are observed. 

8. My fiancé and myself are based overseas, but would like to hold an event in Singapore. Is Heaven’s Gift able to manage the conceptualization and coordination of our event independently and in our absence?

Majority of our clients are actually either based overseas, or travel extensively for work, and hence, we are very accustomed to having to work around our clients’ requests even in their absence. We have crafted our planning processes in an extremely detailed and efficient manner such that most of our discussions and plannings with clients can be conducted via email or video conferencing.

9. We are residing overseas, and would like to consider hiring your team to create our dream wedding in our country of residence. Do you have the expertise to do that?

Our forte in create beautiful concept weddings locally have allowed us to create the same for our couples in their resident country. We have also established a network of partners overseas to ensure that we can provide you with all the resources needed to fulfill the vision we propose for your wedding.

10. We love some of the pictures shown on your website, are we allowed to download and use them?

The pictures on our website are copyrights of Heaven’s Gift and our partners. Should you wish to use any of our pictures, please do write to us to purchase the pictures. We regret that unauthorised usage of our pictures will be penalised.