Katherine Tan



Katherine Tan

My eldest aunt who was my custodian and surrogate mother. When I was sixteen, I hated our dogmatic education system, which not only discourages but actively kills creativity. So I told her I wanted to learn to be a hawker food seller like her and she freaked out. We had a chat and she told me about her unfulfilled dream which was mastering hairdressing and I’ve never looked back since.

At sixteen, then, I took a loan of three grand from my aunt (I had to work at the same time to pay off my loan and for my own pocket money) and enrolled for a three year part-time Advanced Diploma course at Kimarie hairdressing Academy (A pioneer of Singapore’s hairdressing education). During my days there, I was introduced the Vidal Sassoon way of cutting hair and totally fell in love with it since. It’s very precise and creative. However, having dealt with Asian hair most of the time, I find this approach a little too heavy and harsh. Hence, I started exploring the perfect blending of both precision and texturing in a same hair style. This was when my training at Toni & Guys comes in handy as I was introduced to very interesting technics of creating movements and flow into hair and my clients LOVE it!

Ups and Downs
With my new found confidence of handling westerners’ hair texture, when I returned to Singapore I joined a hair salon which serves international clients, to put my new skills to good use. Fast forward two more years, I got into a joint venture to start-up Mode Hair & Beauty Gallery, which has now sadly ceased operations, but was an extremely valuable experience for me. The best thing I got out of Mode, though, was meeting my partner whose hair I used to cut there . . and now here I am, a stay-at-home-working mummy. Having the flexibility to continue my passion and staying close to my baby, Millie, life cannot get any better.

I take a lot of pride in my craft, care a lot about how I earn my living and I live my life by two rules, honesty and integrity. Yes, the truth hurts at times but there always is a nicer way to put it across and people usually appreciate it . . eventually.
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Katherine Tan
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Katherine Tan

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Ladies haircut $80 -$100
Men haircut $50-$70
Wash & Blow $50
Hair up-style $60-$100


Colouring regrowth $80-$100
Full head colour/ Toning $120-$180
Highlighting $120-$180
Partial highlights/prelightening $80-$100
Colour correction, price upon consultation


Korea Technology Perm $120-$180
Crystalizing Straight $150-$250


Rene Furterer $80
Post colouring/chemical treatment $30
Deep hydrating/hair repair treatment $80

Service Policy
All services includes Wash and blow.
All services can be retouch within 7 days.
Full refund for haircuts if not satisfied.
Complimentary consultation for first time client, no obligation to say yes if you don’t like what you hear.