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Little Red Balloon is an online balloon retail shop that one will come across as unique and different compared to other balloon retailers. Our little organization has become the most coveted online retail store for Singapore Helium balloons as we have the most unique and decorative ideas to offer that is not found elsewhere in Singapore. Our creative ideas and mind-boggling use of regular balloons have been livening up parties and have undoubtedly transformed ho-hum balloons into celebrities. Decorative ideas that have never been found elsewhere in Singapore are now readily available on our website. Our decorative items are handmade by our team, creating a personal touch for each party. We have created a convenient platform for customers to purchase our products at any time of the day and all that is required is to state a specific delivery date and time. We carry a very extensive selection of balloons and possess many creative and innovative balloon decoration ideas to cater to all sorts of events. We stand at a competitive position in providing our clients with their dream decorations at affordable prices.

Customers have raved high appreciation for our creativity and with good reason as all our decorative items are handmade by the team. We invest the deserved time and energy into personalizing party items so hosts can proudly invite people to their events and parties. Our efforts of adding a touch of color and magic to parties have captivated not only children but also adults who find it hard to resist the charm of the decoration and relive their childhood fantasies once again. Our decorative work has given rise to a large group of delighted customers, who, for the success of their events refer to Little Red Balloon as a sought after event decorator. We are proud to say that our decorations not only delight children but captivate even the most matured adults. For events and parties decorated by us, we strive to provide our clients and all event attendees with a whimsical and fairy tale feeling upon sight of our decor. The attendees of the event are able to relish in the surroundings of our beautiful decorations.




Little Red Balloon
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Little Red Balloon
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Little Red Balloon

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Balloons – Foil & Latex
Our balloon store carries both latex and foil balloons that are suitable for birthday parties, baby showers, hen’s parties, bridal showers and weddings.

Balloon Bouquets
Let you creative juices flow and create your own unique balloon bouquet by mixing and matching our latex and foil balloons together.

Columns & Archs
Balloon columns and archs help to create this wow factor for parties especially since they are usually placed at the entrance or stage of the venue. We do customisation for columns and archs too. Let us know your requests and we will start working on it.

Balloon Printing
Do you have an event, a wedding, a product launch or a company opening ceremony that you would want to promote? You can create your own advertisement by printing it on balloons and distribute them out or use them as decoration. Balloons can be placed on balloon sticks or inflated with helium.

Banner Customisation
We do banner customisation over at the Little Red Balloon. No one likes having something that everyone else already has. At our store, we allow you to be special and create a one of a kind banner with different fonts and cardstock paper to choose from.

Balloon Sculptures
We also do balloon sculpting for events depending on the theme of the event, we can create big eye catching centerpieces. For such projects, do email us for a quote and provide us with ample time to analyse and create the sculpture as every request differs from the other.

Event Décor/ Photobooth Backdrops
Besides providing balloons to our customers, the Little Red Balloon also provides backdrops for parties. Do not worry if your venue has plain white walls. We can put up a backdrop to make your event just simply awesome! You can either create your own or leave it to our experienced party decor designer’s recommendation. These backdrops also act as a great photo booth backdrop.

Balloon Artistes, Magicians & Face painters
Want to spice up your party? Engage our balloon sculptors at your parties so that each and every kid gets to take home their own customised balloon from the party. We also have magicians to perform magic shows to wow the kids and organize games for them too!

Cakes & Dessert Tables

Planning for your party theme and you are afraid that the decor might not suit the cake? Fret not as we have tied up with Abite SG to provide you with cakes and desserts to match your balloons. Styling set up and tear down will all be done by us. Just email or whatsapp us to get a quote for your party.