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Myer’s Jewellery is based on Singapore houses with latest fashion trends in the Jewellery. Jewellery is an expression of her beauty and elegance that makes her a person of admiration. Myer’s group’s first business venture starts in 1975 and the group has 40 years legacy.

Myer’s Jewellery started its first brick and mortar retail store on Orchard Road in 1975. Since then, the Belani brothers have been selling fine jewellery such as diamonds and gold, manufacturing bespoke jewellery, exporting jewellery and handling repairs.

The director is the vice chairman of Chinese Business Association in Chinatown where Myer’s 2 retail stores now operate from. The company has served over 5 million customers in Singapore and overseas. Myer’s are very proud to be a well known name on the high street and in the business world for our integrity, passion and caring approach.

Myer’s have received lots of praise from its customers and one pretty recent one can be found on TripAdvisor:

It all comes down to one thing: we love what we do. Big or small, diamonds, gold, silver, customised jewellery, jewellery repair and watches. We love it all and our team’s trained to help you find and keep safe items you’ll treasure forever.

At Myer’s, we believe it’s about how we spend our time in life, the memories we create of fun & laughter, of shared successes, of overcoming challenges and of caring for others. It is about learning new skills, challenging ourselves to do more, and making those dreams happen. It’s these things that enrich us.

Location: 25 Trengganu St Singapore 058476
Tel: 6227 8786
45 Pagoda St Singapore 059204
Tel: 6222 2838




Myers Jewellery
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Myers Jewellery
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Myers Jewellery

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Myer’s Jewellery gives you the latest fashion trend in jewellery shopping both online & offline.

Products offered include:
– Diamond
– Pearls
– Silver
– Stainless Steel
– Birthstones
– Beads
– Gold