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Pacific Insurance is an online Brokers for General and International Health Insurance. Specialists in niche insurance products.


Why Use Pacific Insurance?

We are an independent trusted adviser

The fundamental difference between an Insurance Agent and an Insurance Broker is that a Broker acts in the interest of the client whereas an Agent represents the Insurance company.

Local presence in the business

We have a 20 year track record in providing, Medical, General, Personal Accident, Travel, Maid, Home Insurance Broking services.

Giving you the added advantage

We canvass the market to find you the most suitable Personal and General Insurance solutions for your Home, Maid, Travel, Accident and Medical at a competitive price.

We provide expert advise

We are able to provide expert advice on all types of Personal Insurance such as Accident, Travel, Maid & Home Insurance, General and Medical Insurance. Being Insurance professionals we are able to handle more complex and special risks in the market.

Dedicated Claims Service

In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, we have expert claims teams to assist you every step of the way whether it is an Accident, Medical, Hospitalisation, Commercial or Personal claim such as Travel or an Accident at Home.

Compelling and affordable plans

We are licensed by MAS and have access to almost all Insurance Companies in Singapore. Having access to multiple insurers allows us to quote for your Corporate and Personal needs such as Travel, Maid, Home and Accident Insurance.

We act as your insurance advisers and consultants by examining your exposures to risk, arranging insurance, and managing the, on your behalf. We will identify the types of risks to which your business is exposed, and to select the most effective strategy to handle them. In essence, this means

  • We identify and evaluate the risks to which your business is exposed to
  • We recommend ways of reducing, avoiding or transferring these risks, including recommendations for self-insurance, where appropriate
  • We analyse the adequacy, terms, conditions and costs of your existing insurance
  • We draw up coordinated insurance programme, to meet risks that cannot be avoided or transferred
  • We effect the right insurance cover, at the right terms and at the most economic rates, with insurers of high financial integrity





Pacific Insurance
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Pacific Insurance
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Pacific Insurance

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Pacific Insurance is an online Brokers for General and International Health Insurance.

Specialists in niche insurance products such as personal insurance, medical insurance, wedding insurance, motor insurance, general insurance, event insurance.