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Rent Tycoon is one of the first portal dedicated to promote peer-to-peer renting in Singapore!

Any registered user in is both an owner and renter. An Easy Guide to Rent Tycoons:

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Rent Tycoons is an online marketplace that facilitates peer-to peer-renting in Singapore.

Rent Tycoons portal enables one to do the following:

  1. Make money by putting your items/services up for rent.
  2. Save money by searching and renting items/services that you need.
  3. Submit a request for desired items/services that are not yet available on the portal.

How does Rent Tycoons work?

Our portal allows owners to upload their items/services for interested renters to rent at a fee (based daily, weekly or monthly rates). Owners set their own rental rates and security deposit fee(s) required for their items/services.

To have an overview of the entire renting process, please refer to How It Works.

Why should you rent?

  • To save money. Renting might be a cheaper alternative to buying.
  • To save space. Buying something means it occupies a physical space in your house.
  • To try the item before you buy it. Make more informed buying decisions.
  • Renting out your items to make additional income; maybe even start your own rental business.

Renting goes beyond money-making and money-saving purposes – more importantly, it encourages the sharing and reuse of items.

What are the general terms of use?

Please refer to Rent Tycoons “Terms of use”, “Privacy Policy”, “Rental Policy”, “Prohibited Items” located on the footer of every page of the Website.

How can I contact Rent Tycoons?

On the right border of every page of the Web site, there is a “Feedback” button that can be clicked to send feedback.

What is Rent Tycoons’ Payment Processing System?

Once the status of an item is “Reserved”, Rent Tycoons generates a unique security code to a Renter. Renter will give the security code to an Owner in exchange for the Owner’s item. The security code is used by the two parties to authenticate the transaction. The Owner will claim his rental income by validating the security code in the Rent Tycoons’ website.