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T.J. Tailors was founded more than three decades ago. Over the years the company has developed an excellent reputation for high quality and service at competitive prices and is today considered one of the best tailors in Singapore.

We strive to serve customers with the best standards of tailoring and fabrics and offer a large variety of latest fashion and personalized designs.

We are proud of our craft and never compromise quality, craftsmanship and time, even if it means late hours or delivery to your overseas address.


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    #01-23 Clifford Cetre 24 Raffles Place (Opposite Guardian Pharmacy) Singapore 048621
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    Men's Apparels
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    Men's Wear, Formal Wear, Suits, Men's Tailor, T.J Tailors


T. J. Tailors
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T. J. Tailors
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T. J. Tailors

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The custom tailor is an artist in the truest sense. Using a gentleman’s imperfect body as inspiration, the tailor fashions a garment that captures every subtlety and caters to its owner’s individual strengths. Whether you begin with a custom dress shirt or mens’ suit, the experience promises to be among the most rewarding you will encounter. T.J. Tailors is an excellent place to embark on this journey of yours.

Men who try custom tailoring often become lifetime advocates, simply because no off the rack garment or modified stock garment can compare. Once they experience the superb fit that embraces and enhances their individuality, it’s hard to settle for run of the mill clothing.

Fit – Custom made to your measurements, form and posture. Once you experience a custom fit, it is almost impossible to countenance returning to a ready-to-wear altered garment.

Selection – Even if you are a 40 regular, a ready made selection is always limited and it can never offer you the scope of fabrics that you will find from your tailor. He or she will have hundreds of different weights, patterns and qualities and they are all in your size.

Style – When was the last time you were able to choose whether you wanted a peak or notch label, a side, center or no vent, double-breasted, a vest or an extra pair of trousers, hand stitched edges and that extra cell phone pocket? All of this is possible with a custom suit.

Quality – The materials and trimmings as well as the workmanship and hand-detailing that go into custom made clothing is of exceptional good quality that exceeds by far what is available at a ready made outlet.

Individuality – Your custom tailored garment will be as personal and unique to you as your own signature.

Value – A custom garment is truly priceless, a far better value than a ready-made suit and in some cases even lower in price than expensive designer suits.