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The Montage Guy is a Cinematic Wedding Journalist and specializes in creating that special video without much intrusion into the couples’ personal spaces.

The Montage Guy committed to create the wonderful and lifelong memories of your wedding


The Montage Guy excels in providing the best in unobtrusive wedding videography. Wedding moments are captured in the most natural and cinematic way that will be cherished for years to come.



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The Montage Guy
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The Montage Guy
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The Montage Guy

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At The Montage Guy, we are committed to create the wonderful and lifelong memories of your wedding. We pledge to be an intrinsic part of your wedding by spending time and paying attention to details to fulfill your expressed needs and unexpressed wishes.

We strongly believe that every wedding is unique and no two assignments are identical. It is our responsibility to make it special, magical and personalized for you.Thank you for picking us to be part of your wedding and we are honored to be the lucky partaker of your life-changing moment.


Cinematography is the art of motion picture photography. At The Montage Guy, we work hard to create those picture perfect movies for you. Our creation will be fun, inspirational, emotional and defintely something that will be treasured for years to come. To do so, we make sure we get to know you very well and passionately look out for hints during our meetups to gather your requirements. This is not easy, and even after 5 years in the service, we are still amazed and learning from the different requirements that couples have. We also actively look out for subtle hints during the wedding to capture the magical moments and translating them in the professional video that we are sure you will cherish.

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Let us tell your love story, in an engaging, fun and memorable way, both for you, and for your guest. At The Montage Guy, we understand your desire to share that magical moment when he proposed, when you played in the rain, the first time you held each other’s hands. Let us be a part of this, and recreate those special moments for you!