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A tranquil and intimate spa nestled in the vicinity of a suburb, Aurora Spa is an escape for your daily stresses. Indulge in the therapeutic relaxation at Aurora Spa which lies a soothing and welcoming environment which focuses on your well-being and retreat. Over a decade, our mother brand, THE RETREAT has provided many meticulous and top-notch services for our customers at Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza and Sheraton Towers Singapore. In conjunction with the belief of our predecessor, Aurora Spa is a new beginning which fine-tunes all our services with every aspect of your mind, body and soul. Our people aspire to serve you with sincerity and trust by offering quality beauty solutions which can be felt from the heart. This is akin to our branding of a tree – in how it bends to caress people which emulates a shade that hug the hearts of many.

When you arrive at Aurora Spa, you will get to experience the wonders of our products and services that embody excellence. Aurora Spa firmly believes in offering a perfect sanctuary for customers to relax in harmony with the tranquil and cozy surroundings. Behind the serene backdrop, Aurora Spa also constantly seeks to update and reinvent its comprehensive range of beauty regimes to ensure the services are ideal for you. Since our humble beginnings as THE RETREAT in 1999, we have always prided ourselves in providing excellent, professional and reliable services for our customers. With the hotel service as a benchmark, Aurora Spa aspires to provide holistic and high quality beauty services to our guests at the heart of a suburban area. Pamper yourself and experience the redefinition of spa rejuvenation now at Aurora Spa.

Each of us in the company are dedicated to different things but our roots remain as one. With great attention to details, we not only carefully design the services and select the products, we are also discerning in getting the right people to care for our customers.

We conscientiously want to meet the needs of our customers, hence we only bring in products that are from reputable and reliable source. Products have to go through stringent clinical test for results, quality and safety.

We offer a selection of treatments that are deemed important to revitalize your beauty and soul.

Our therapists are experienced and professionally certified. We have therapist who comes from an educator background. And most importantly, they are committed in what they do.

Giving back
Our founder strongly believes in the value of helping others, especially through charitable work and event. The team has successfully organized events for children last year. We are looking at doing more and thinking of ways on how our customers can contribute.

The Retreat provides a private sanctuary to escape to amidst the hustle and bustle of daily living. A relaxing haven for the tired mind, body & soul to getaway for complete rest and rejuvenation.





The Retreat Spa
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The Retreat Spa
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The Retreat Spa

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The Retreat Spa offers following Spa Services:
– Massages,
– Facials,
– Health wraps & Masks,
– Hydrotherapy,
– Maniure &
– Pedicure