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Our Professional Bilingual Emcee Bio

Wayne Chew
Event Host | Workshop Facilitator
Experienced facilitator for workshops and camps
Energetic coach for young people and children
Humorous host for weddings and roadshows
Guest speaker on Channel U talkshow
Actor in Channel U television series
Languages Proficient In
English and Mandarin
Areas of Speciality
Bilingual hosting, Community events, company D&D, roadshows, Weddings, Youth Camps, Sports-oriented events

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Bilingual Emcee For Events, Wayne Chew

Sensitive to the Audience
When it comes to hiring an emcee, it is important to ensure that they are aware of their audience at all times. Singapore is predominantly populated by highly cultured Chinese people; it is essential that the bilingual emcee understands how to handle their speech with respect to the prevalent cultural beliefs. Emcees need to ensure that they are sensitive to the culture and beliefs of the guests in attendance at the event they are officiating.
Highly Energetic and Enthusiastic
A boring event is a massive let down no matter the time or place. It is up to the emcee to do their best in keeping the guests from getting bored. An experienced bilingual emcee will have the knowhow to read the crowd’s mood and ensure that they keep them properly engaged at all times. By keeping the guests interested and engaged, the event will be highly entertaining and memorable.
When looking to hire a highly qualified bilingual emcee, it is important to ensure that they have attained a reasonable level of education. Emcees are required to market the event to attendants; this means that an emcee with sales and marketing training will be in a better position of selling the event to attendants. Psychology training is also an added point when it comes to correctly reading the crowd mood throughout the event. Evidence of language training will give you peace of mind when hiring a bilingual emcee.
Hiring our bilingual emcee Wayne to officiate your event is highly recommended especially if you are looking to keep everyone engaged throughout.




Wayne Emcee
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Every event held across the country normally needs a direction and in most cases, this is provided by the man at the head of the microphone. Event Emcee Services are enlivening when well delivered and they dictate the tone of every event while providing a central control over the pace of activities as they unfold.  Event Emcee Services are important for the following reasons;

They are provided by professionals

Event Emcee Services have evolved beyond the old buddy method of the last half -a -century to a specialty in the modern day. To provide your guests at any event, a concise and well laid out orchestration, it is important to allow professionals take the center stage and steer the course of proceedings. 

It portrays better organization

When you use our Event Emcee Services for any of your activities, it provides a semblance of order and organization. This plays out knowing that you have to provide a program of events, and time allotment for each of the segment. This will require time management and ultimately, ensure that there is a well -conceived plan that needs to be adhered to.
When your guests arrive and see someone at the head of the mic, they are likely to be attuned to expect a better-organized event.

People can be easily held accountable

During most events, people easily drift away beyond the allotted time and prolong their use of the mic beyond what was expected. With our Event Emcee Services, every participant will be held accountable, and the Emcee will be there to prod each speaker to be time-conscious.

It is Easier to adhere to Agreed Schedule

Using our Event Emcee Services makes it easier to adhere to the agreed schedule as there is a third party watching over and steering the course of events. This will also ensure that nothing is left out of the proceedings for the day.

There is added Value

Our Event Emcee Services adds value to your parties, awards or weddings as a compere easily stands out in the midst of your gathered audience. It makes it easy to look out for something distinctive and appealing.  The training and specialization Emcees receive, makes them ready for such roles.

There is a Promise of Humor

Our Event Emcee Services are trained to deliver some humorous lines.  When they do this, the events get enlivened, and guests are entertained. There is always a refreshing aside that Emcees bring to the floor when they are at the head of events. This is a part of the value-added service to expect when you contract a professional for your award ceremony, wedding or event of other description.

Our Emcee Services

Wayne Emcee Singapore provide Event Emcee Hosting for the following events:

  • Birthday Party Events

  • Corporate Events & Seminars

  • Community / Grassroots Event

  • Dinner & Dance

  • Family Day

  • Formal Events

  • Private Events

  • Public Events

  • Roadshow & Product Launch

  • School Events

  • Wedding Emcee

With our Event Emcee Services, your next event will surely be fun and memorable.