May 31 2016

Dowry (嫁妆) Guide

Jia Zhuang refers to the dowry presented by the bride’s parents to the groom’s family after the Guo Da Li and at least one day before the wedding day. It symbolises the wealth and status of the bride’s family.

The dowry consists of the following items:

    • The Tan Tong (痰桶), a 4-piece or 5-piece gift set comprising a mug, a saucer, a basin, a bath basin and a potty, placed together with oranges, longans, sugar and dried dates.

This is gift set is believed to bless the couple with children and grandchildren.

  • A red ruler to symbolise “fertility” in Chinese culture in terms of both wealth and offspring.
  • Red bed linen, which is believed to keep the couple in love and drive away bad luck.
  • A pair of shoes to represents the couple aging gracefully together.
  • “Happiness sugar”, to represent sweetness in marriage.
  • 2 bowls with dragon and phoenix motifs, and 2 sets of chopsticks, to be used by the couple to eat dessert on their new bed on the wedding day.

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